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Seed Orders

Potato SortAll production on the Uihlein Farm originates from pathogen-tested tissue culture plantlets produced in an on-site laboratory. All seed lots in field production (the entire acreage) are certified by the New York Seed Improvement Program (NYSIP), the NY seed potato certification agency.

Order forms to contract nuclear foundation seed potato production are mailed out in November of each year and due toward the end of December. Inquiries about orders are welcome at any time of year. Field production of potato seed is limited to two or three field years (N-2 and N-3, respectively). Surplus seed of some varieties may be available in fall (November) for spring delivery the following year. A list of the current surplus is mailed out with the annual seed order forms in November. Inquiries can also be made directly by email or phone.  

A copy of the 2019-2020 seed order form is available as a reference.